Friday, 24 April 2015

Sharing the load

People say that life changes a lot after marriage. Though i am still single but i have noticed this fact by learning from the experiences of my friends. Many of my friends have got married. They usually call me and we discuss a lot about our lives. I don't have many things to say as nothing has changed in my life, but they do have as their lives have changed very much. One of my such friends was having a chat with me one day. I could sense from her chats and talks that there was something wrong with her. I asked her that was there any problem, she replied that those days she had to do a lot of work as she and her husband were living alone and no maid was available there. My friend is a working women so anyone can easily guess that she has to take two jobs at the same time. First, she has to handle her house and second she has to work. I asked her that was her husband not helping her in household chores. She replied that he considered household chores to be a women's duty. I really felt bad for her. I could sense the problem she was facing while balancing her life. She was divided between her house and her job. And this was actually ruining her life.

Another day my other friend made a call and i discussed about my new job with her and asked about her new life. She sounded very happy. She told me that her husband was really helping in nature. He never let her do anything alone. Whenever she was ill, he was always ready to do everything. She explained to me how her husband daily helped her in the household chores and how it added to their happy married life. Her husband's help let her finish her work easily. She never felt so tired and this allowed her to give leisure time to her husband.  She also let me know that on weekends her husband took her for dinner and let her relax for a day from the cooking job, he even sometimes gave her surprises by preparing breakfasts on Sunday mornings. I actually felt that her husband was really a dream boy for whom every girl dreamt off.

I don't say that in my opinion a husband should start doing every household chore in order to enjoy a happy married life. Or the secret for a happy married life is that a man should do household chores mostly. But what i wanna write is that no marriage can be happy until and unless both the partners will umderstand that it is a relationship which has to be nurtured by both of them. Happy marriages may have many reasons backing behind them. But i assure you that one of the best of them is to #ShareTheLoad . Sharing the load and burden of each other adds to the beauty of your relationship as it provides you with some leisure time which can be converted into a quality time to be spent together to know each other more and to love each other more. And more than that this will increase the sense of equality which in return will enhance the beauty of your relationship.

"I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel ."

You too can participate and blog about how sharing of load within the household leads to a happier, better quality household.

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