Monday, 27 April 2015

Celebrate Life

I do believe that Life is the most precious gift i could ever get. And i think you will also not disagree on this point. We humans are the best creations of God. He gave all a life, no matter short or long, to enjoy every single moment and enjoy every single thing attached to it. But we humans sometimes disappoint the almighty by not admiring the most beautiful gift i.e. Life. We always ignore the beauty of present moment either by remembering our past or worrying about the future. I always wonder why we all do such stupid things. But then sometimes i realise that somedays we thank God by celebrating life and that too without any big occasion.

Everybody has his or her own zone of happiness and celebration. And i do have mine too. But, i am a middle class person so my wishes are not so high and my dreams are not so big. Even small things make me feel good and make my day. I don't think i wait for big things to come in my life so that i can enjoy my life. No, i don't. I try to enjoy the life the way it is. There may be many ways which help me enjoying and celebrating life. But writing is the best way for me to enjoy my life.

I am not a renown writer. Infact i am nothing. I am just a person handling two blogs and having a twitter wall with 5k followers. But still writing is the best way of my life to enjoy it. To #CelebrateLife in your own way isn't that much easy. But somehow each of us find a way to get this difficult job fulfilled. I too do this by writing. Sometimes i  write for myself and sometimes for others. And believe me it actually feels good when one write to win something and that too a voucher or an assured gift. Well, who said that winning a voucher doesn't add to the beauty of life. It does. And it actually encourages you to keep writing good stuffs sometimes for yourself and sometimes for others.

Writing let me out my emotions which otherwise would die  because not every feeling finds a proper outlet. Sometimes when i feel low and have nobody around me then i pen down myself and my ideas. You will ask how it let me celebrate my life. Well, see if i write and somebody read it and praise my work then i just can't explain how it feels and how it makes me enjoy my writing, my way of saying and my way of living. I love when people who follow me on twitter praise those 140 words which i randomly write there. And if someone says that i actually wrote what he or she wanted to read then believe me it feels awesome. Really awesome. Well, believe me doing things which make you feel happy from heart are the ways to enjoy and celebrate life. Let yourself fly and enjoy the every single moment of your life by doing what you like and what you enjoy.

Your comments are always welcome. :-)

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