Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Simply Breathing isn't Living

Everyone on this earth has born to live life, to complete a full fledged circle comprising seven stages of life as explained Shakespeare, the famous poet. Growing into an adult from an infant and an old fellow from an adult, that's how life begins and that's how it ends. But it doesn't end as my sentence did, that is in few words. Infact every man or woman has a life span on which a whole book can be written. But, what matters is the content which is hidden under the cover of that book. And that is what actually describes how one's life was.

Have you ever asked yourself that whether you are satisfied with your life or not? Whether you are actually living or not? Because my friend animals too have a life and they too live but they are not humans. We humans are the best creations of GOD, this fact can't be denied. If an animal simply breaths, eats and lives then this won't be considered strange or abnormal but of we do so then it will only prove that we are simply breathing and not living our life properly.

Well, if you have already got my point then that's great but if you still haven't hit the bull's eye then let me show you the real fact. My point here is that everyone has got a life to live, to live in her/his own way. But, not everyone ables to do that. Many of us either become the victim of destiny or society or social relationships. And that's how we stop bothering about ourselves. And that's where we stop living and keep breathing simply.

I know it is impossible to live a perfect life. But, somewhere i do believe that sometimes doing an offbeat kinda thing can make us feel happy that too from heart♥. Well, now you will ask what kinda stuff i am discussing here. In that case i list out some of them here viz enjoy that song you love♥ the most, dance on the beats of your rocking song, write if writing is your passion, cook if you love♥ cooking, gossip if you are too talkative, paint if you wanna color life, browse on google if that is your best time pass, watch birds, admire nature, call a friend, give time to your family, chase your dream, go for a long ride and last but not the least write a blog ;-) .

Concluding my full fledged speech on life :-P with these words-
"महज साँस लेते हो,
तो क्या ख़ाक ज़िन्दा हो तुम?
गर हर पल को जीते हो,
तो हाँ बेशक़ ज़िन्दा हो तुम।।"

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