Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dreaming like Cinderella

She was just an ordinary girl. A simple girl with a beautiful heart♥. But her dreams were not so simple, they were amazingly dreamy. Can a simple girl dream about a prince charming these days? No, ofcourse not. But she did and did it beautifully. Since her childhood she kept believing that someday a prince charming would enter into her life and would change everything.
Life moved on and that sweet little girl grew into a young lady. But as it is said that one day everyone has to leave the dream world and face the brutal reality of life. So our simple Cinderella too had to face the reality. She fell in love with a handsome guy and started believing that this was her prince charming. She even dreamed about her future life with that guy. But you know what is wrong with dreams, they don't come true always. And that's what happened with our Cinderella. That guy who loved her for her simplicity, left her because of her simplicity. The only reason he could provide for deceiving her was that she was not his cup of tea. Our Cinderella got shattered. She couldn't believe that whom she was considering as her prince charming turned into a villain. But destiny has already planned it all in this way for our Cinderella. She lost faith in all her dreams. And a sweet simple girl changed into a living corpse.
Life moved on and the day finally came when our Cinderella had to face the reality of life. She was asked to marry. And this time there was no escape. So, finally the social pressure persuaded her to say 'Yes'. She couldn't believe that the marriage which was a beautiful dream for her once had turned into an unwanted choice. But it was all destined to happen. She married a handsome guy. On her first night she did a blunder and revealed her past life before her husband. This was not the end and the worst still had to happen. Her husband didn't say a single word and left room. They didn't talk for few days but socially behaved like typical husband-wife. And then one day her husband came near to her and asked,"Can we talk.?" She nodded her head in yes. He continued,"Can't you just forget the past and make a fresh start? May be you still haven't met your real prince charming or may be he is before you and you are not seeing him." Our Cinderella didn't get words to reply. She just kept staring at her husband. And thought in her mind,"Is it true? Do dreams come true? Is he my prince charming?"

And rest was A HAAPY ENDING...................................

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