Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Does police frighten you?

I don't know whether i need to write this post or not. But, somewhere deep down my heart i felt something and that feeling has finally provoked me to give it a concrete shape. And frankly speaking i could find writing as the only option. So, i am here again with a post.

This time i am not writing about love or life, as i usually do. But, i am moving a step ahead and asking a question to all of you"Does police frighten you?" I know my question may seem awkward to you. Well, first let me explain why this question striked in my mind. I live near G.T. Road , Grand Trunk Road, you would probably have heard about it. And whenever i have to go somewhere then auto is the best means of transport and cheapest too. And more than that it is good not to use your own vehicle because of parking problems. So, as i said auto is the best option. And i usually have to make one or two visits per month through G.T. Road to take mom to the doctor. And last week too i made such a visit. I and mom sat in the auto. At one stop two policemen stopped the auto and sat beside the autowala. Their stop came after a few kilometers and when they got off i noticed that they didn't pay anything to the autowala. I was wondering how could they do so. After few minutes i asked autowala uncle,"Uncle don't the policemen pay you the fare?" The autowala uncle looked back and gave a smile but didn't say anything. Well, actually he didn't need to utter a word as his smile had revealed the truth.

I kept on thinking that what kind of people we are. And what kind of police we are having. How can we not fear from the policemen when they even don't pay their fare to a poor autowala. I always thought that whatever our movies have showed about police, specially bad things, was not the real fact. But, this whole incidence changed my viewpoint. I mean though this may not be a big deal, but somehow it proved that people don't respect policemen, they actually are afraid of them. And perhaps that is the worst thing i concluded. It happens usually that the mistakes of 10% people lead us to generalise the whole community and consequently remaining 90% people become the victim of this generalization.

I know not every policeman does this. But, i literally feel how it would feel when we people don't fear from our policemen rather we respect them and salute them from our heart for their selfless services.

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