Monday, 16 March 2015

A sweet little guide

Sometimes, a small kid can teach you an important lesson of life. Here, I'm sharing such an incidence from my life. I shifted to delhi in order to take coaching for competitive exams. As I was preparing so was not supoosed to worry about anything else.  It is said that only lucky ones get a government job easily. And as I wasn't lucky so it was taking long for me to taste success. I was frustrated because I tried but couldn't succeed and the thought of being an unemployed person too was somehow bothering me. During those days when I got bored, I used to take a break and go for an outing. 

One day I was coming back from such an Outing. I had just stepped out from the metro station. Suddenly a small kid caught my attention. He was sitting with a weight measuring scale and was writing something in a notebook. Don't know why but I couldn't stop myself and asked him,"Hey kid, what's your name?" He looked up and replied,"Raju. Do you wanna weight yourself? " I said,"Oh, no, no. I was wondering you are so small to handle both work and studies. Why don't you focus on your studies only?" He replied, "Di, we are a family of six members and I am the elder one. Though both of my parents are working but my work adds to our budget and everyday I earn enough money to purchase vegetables for one meal. And I get enough time here for my studies too. I am earning, while learning. " And he gave a wonderful smile loaded with a lot of self confidence. I was not able to react and frankly speaking to reply to his words wasn't possible for me at that time. I picked a ten rupee note from my pocket and put in his hand. "Only two rupees Di."He said. I said,"No bro this is for my little bro, keep it." "Okay I will, but you have to use my weighing scale for once." He requested. I nodded my head and did what he wanted. And left him with a sweet confident smile on his face.

I searched for an auto and during this whole journey, from metro station to my room, I thought in my mind that why was I behaving like a poor fellow who was totally dependent on her family? Why couldn't I be Raju? And then I started taking tuitions and tried to become a helping hand to my family.  I still remember how a small kid showed me the way to look up and live life independently.

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