Thursday, 10 July 2014

"It costs a lot"

Sometimes you keep working and concentrating on something which actually isn't that much important. And when you realise this, it has been too late. You once had it as your dream so you began embracing it. You fed it with your thoughts. You loved it like a beloved or a lover. You gave every single breath of yours to it. But, yet you couldn't get it. You lost your dream, your lover, your life. And were left shattered and broken.Well, this is the time when you realised that it cost a lot.
Though you got it too late, but, finally, you have seen the reality. Which ofcourse is not beautiful. Now, what next? This is the question which should strike your mind. But, practically, what happens is that you get stuck to that broken dream or we can say that unfulfilled wish. Well, ofcourse, i am not an exception here. We are humans. It is in our nature. We can never forget our unfulfilled dreams or wishes. We are habitual to it. But why we behave so? Why can't we simply move on? Why can't we just come out of this self made prison? The answers to all these questions whether known or unknown, lie within us.
It's we, who dream, it's we, who wish. Then, why should we stop dreaming and wishing? Just because we couldn't fulfill one dream or got one wish unfulfilled. Well, frankly speaking, this is not fair. If you think it cost a lot for the previous dream, then let me clear it is gonna cost you a lot for another dream too. And my friends, life is worth taking risks.
वो कहते हैं ना-
"ज़िन्दगी कोई फूलों की सेज नही,
कि लगाया बिस्तर और सो गए.
मेरे यार इन राहों पर काँटे मिलेंगे भी,
और चुभेंगे भी...!"
No matter, how much it costs. You have to keep dreaming. You have to keep wishing. Rest is future. Let us not destroy the charm of a tomorrow.

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