Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Different Faces of a Father

A father is not only a father, he is a friend, a philosopher, a guide and what not. He plays so many roles in a single life. He has many faces. And he wears all these faces beautifully. I am not an expert dealing in relationships yet i sometimes love to write on them. So, here i am writing about the different faces a father has.

1) The Father

He is playing a father's role when he is holding your hand and helping you to take the first step of your life as a child. He ia playing a father when he let you enjoy a horse ride on his back. He is a father when he holds your hand firmly in his own hand and let you feel the warmth of his hand.

2) The Friend

He is playing a friend when he is playing cricket with you or when he is running madly in the lawn. When he is breaking the window glasses of the neighbors with you at that very moment he is a friend to you. When he clings to you in your bad days he is your friend.

3) The Philosopher

When you aren't able to take the right decisions of your life he comes as a savoir and as a good philosopher he preaches the best lessons of life so that you should avoud all the mistakes of life. He even becomes Socrates for you and write his own beautiful quotes to encourage you.

4) The Guide

He is a guide to you when you are completely lost in the unreal acts of this real world. He guides you through all those moments which actually traumatize you. He guides you to the most righteous path. He becomes the last ray of hope when you are left with no hope at all.

5) The Protector

He is the protector when he saves you from those street animals, when he calls you late at night just to know whether you will be late, when he chases the boy teasing his little doll he wears the face of a protector dad. He protects you not only from the evils of outer world but also from the evils which can develop inside you.

Thus there are so many faces of a father. He is actually palying multi dimensional roles. At some moment he is doing your homework at other he is rebuking you for not finishing your homework. He is the man behind your identify. He is the one whose legacy is carried away by you. He is the one who let you know about your ancestors. He is the one who makes you familiar with the harsh lessons of life.

It's actually not that easy to be a father and it is far more difficult to wear all these faces or to play all the above mentioned roles. Not every man can be a good father. Yet the truth is every father wanna become the best father of this world. I already have written that i am not an expert dealing in relationships so you may find me wrong somewhere. And if so happens then do let me know please. I welcome feedback or rather i should write i welcome criticism. A critical appreciation is needed to improve one's skills. So, you are welcome to leave you priceless comments in comment box.

And yes no doubt the different faces of a father can't be restricted to these five numbers only. There are many other faces you have seen or are seeing or will see someday. Yet if i have something then you can add or mention it in comment box.

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