Sunday, 15 March 2015

Being with family

I still remember the day when me and my sister both were shattered to hear the news of our result. We both were expecting to qualify that preliminary stage of our home state exam. All our friends and known ones from our state had qualified the exam. Those who couldn't ,were me and my sister. Dad was continuously making calls. None of us had enough courage to pick his call and tell him about our failure.  But, we had to. So, I picked up dad's call, at first he couldn't believe that none of us had qualified and that too when everyone else had did. He disconnected the call.

After that I and my sister both felt as if we weren't capable of anything. Few minutes later, my dad made a call again. I picked up his call, put it on speaker and said,"Yes, Dad." He said,"See daughter no matter you both failed and everyone else qualified but if you both will quit now then I bet you will fail forever. You couldn't qualify this exam, okay, but another exam is waiting for you, that is exam of life. So, don't give up now. Forget everything,  forget you have failed, focus on what is next. Because yesterday is gone forever, what you only have in your hand is today and today will make your bright tomorrow. " And he disconnected.

I looked towards my sister, we both hugged ourselves,  cried for a moment. And then I said,"See, sister we had wasted a lot of time. We know only we two haven't qualified and everyone else did. But, you heard dad, he still has faith in us. So, let us not let down his hopes. I am gonna make tea, you assemble the books. And let me tell you though I am not sure we will make it or not but I think #together we both should make a try, atleast for dad. " She smiled and began assembling books and I approached towards the kitchen in order to make a hot energetic tea for both of us.

If that day my dad had not supported both of us then definitely me and my sister both would have lost our self confidence. And that is the day when I realised how the togetherness of family can encourage someone. May be sometimes our family isn't able to show its concern and love properly but that doesn't mean that it is not with us. Being with family itself is a symbol of togetherness.

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