Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Digital India - A Dream of E Governance in India

These days internet is loaded with a lot of pages containing a detailed information about E Governance i.e. Electronic Governance. And what i have found there is that all these pages are poured with many sophisticated terms and definitions about E Governance which infact are not only difficult but almost impossible for a layman to understand. So, first of all i would like to define E Governance in the most simplest words.
E Governance simply is the name of the system where a government functions using the tool of ICT i.e. Information and Communication Technology. It doesn't mean that the whole sytem of government changes here. No, ofcourse not. It just means that the government changes its way of working only. What replaces the paperwork is the electronic media or medium of electronic communication. Or in more simple words i can write that instead of adding more files to a Babu's table, we simply put a desktop on his/her desk. Well, i hope i have somehow made it clear that what an E Government actually means. Now the question here arises is that why a country like India needs an E Government. First of all, make it clear in your mind that the change of form of working doesn't show in any way that government wasn't working well. So, if India is wishing to achieve the goal of E Governance within the ambit of #DigitalIndia mission then it simply means that we Indians want to add more beauty and support to our governing bodies. Being the largest democracy of the world India has to keep accelerating the speed of its growth. No matter what the field is, no matter what the sector is India simply has to modernize and ultimately digitized every agency dealing in its growth.

Without any doubt E Governance is the need of the hour. But the another question which arises here is that how it is going to help us and how it will add to the beauty of our government system. The answer lies in the purposes of E Governance. E Governance will reduce the paperwork which will subsequently bring simplicity in the governance. E Governance will check the immoral activities viz bribe, red-tapism etc. It will provide a wonderful access to all the citizens of India to all the data and information available online. And will simply enhance the communication between Indian government and Indian citizens.
The E Governance system will set up some relationships in order to work smoothly. Firstly, between government and citizens in which citizens will get access to all the online data, they will get e facilities like e-taxation, e-registration, e-help. Some of these facilities are already provided by Indian government on its site http://india.gov.in/ . You can also search some of the online services provided by Indian government by simply clicking on the online services given at above mentioned link. Clearly this whole working will support the government with a feedback system where citizens can provide feedback for the functioning of the government. Secondly, E Governance will set up a relationship between the governments viz centre-state and state-state. We all know that a big country like India can function well if and only if all the state governments work together with the centre government. And thirdly E Governance will set up a relationship between government and business enterprises. This can be done with the help of tools like e-taxation, e-licensing etc. Thus, this whole web of relationships will ensure a good governance in India.

But, as we all know that no dream is so small to be achieved without any difficulty or hurdle. Hence, E Governance too has some problems attached to it. First of all, in order to set up such a wide web of above discussed relationships, we need a large scale infrastructural development. We need to develop such softwares and hardwares which can ease the way of working for our government system. We have to increase computer literacy among our employees, we have to train them first then only they will be able to handle the so called electronic machinery needed for E Governance. Not only this we have to make all the information and data online. And sometimes it is not good for country's safety and security. India has to set up some basic standards for the working of E Governance. Without achieving these standards #DigitalIndia and E Governance will remain merely day dreams. And last but not the least we all have to make sure that this mission #DigitalIndia and E Governance in India gets popularized well. For this we have to improve the literacy rate of our country first. The list doesn't end here. But these are few important hurdles which i have mentioned here. A lot is needed to be done and worked on, in order to achieve the goal of #DigitalIndia .

I am pausing my blog with these simple words,
somethings big has to be done in order to earn something more big.

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