Saturday, 16 August 2014


Love and Life are inter-connected. Well, i know you have heard a lot about love and life, you have seen so many love stories, you are acquainted with so many quotes written on love and life. Then what is that i am gonna write here? Frankly speaking, nothing new. Same old wine but in a new bottle.

Then, why should you continue reading? Well, i have no logic to convince you. But still i firmly believe that love and life are two words about which everyone loves to read and write too. So, here i am trying to write something, i won't say interesting, but surely a little but different.

Love and Life, both these words start with 'L' alphabet. Well, that may be a coincidence. But, a fact which we can't ignore is that without love, life simply is tasteless. You guys must love some or other dish, may be spicy, may be a sweet-dish. Just think once, if the thing which makes that dish your favourite is not added to it, will the taste be the same? No, ofcourse not. In the same way consider life as a dish and if the ingredient love is not added then definitely that flavour, which if added could have made it the best dish, won't be there.

Life simply is not possible without Love. From the cradle to the grave the whole span of one's Life undergoes through many stages. From a child to an old person, all these stages thrive on love. I know i don't need to explain how a baby needs the love from his/her parents and how an old person needs the love from his/her family members. Love is not simply a feeling. It's a way to live for someone, it is a way to make someone live for you.

I may not be the right person to explain this interconnected relation in detail. But, still somehow i just wanna let you know that without Love, Life is simply tasteless, it's a dish which is missing its spice, a way which has lost it's destination somewhere.

Well, i summarize my blogpost with these words guys," Love is Life and Life is Love."

"ज़िन्दगी मोहताज़ है तो बस मोहब्बत की यारों,
दो पल भी मिलें प्यार के तो समझिये कि ज़िन्दगी गुलज़ार है...!"

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